Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Thought for Thursday...

...Blogs, twitter, social networks, etc. they're all fine and dandy, but sometimes, I find myself reading someone else's thoughts or about what they did that day and I think, "Wow! That's amazing!" or "Wow! That sucks!" or, "Wow! I should try that!" or some variation of that statement (possibly without the "wow").

Essentially, sometimes I feel like I'm reading so much about others' lives, I'm not living my own. I mean, I am, but, reading all of these posts and stories can be an overwhelming flow of information whether truly informative, inspiring or purely interesting.

It's great to be inspired and informed, but should there be a limit as to how much we consume? Of course, this would have to be a self-inflicted restraint, but I wonder, does anyone else ever feel this way, reading blogs, etc?

Or is it something like wedding blog envy? --Yep, I think I just made up a knew psychological term. I should patent this and write a book or something. Ha!-- But seriously, wedding blog envy--like when you're planning your wedding, you know what you want and then you start surfing the net (yeah, I said "surfing the net") and you see this blog and that site and then you, instead, have to have this and that! I mean, HAVE to! Is it like that?

Do we compare our days to what others get done in a day? When someone posts on twitter, "Just got back from an amazing bike ride with @someonewhoealsowentonanamazingbikerideunlikeyourself!" Do you wonder what you were doing while they were on their bike ride and are now finished and found time to tweet this for the world to relish?

Yes, I believe that one should never compare thyself to another for each has his or her own journey in life that is wholly unique unto them, and, this may have been a weird thought for the day, but it ran through my mind, so I wondered what others felt about this. Are reading blogs, microblogs, etc. a waste of valuable time that we, too, could be doing the things about which we're reading?


Nikki Aimee said...

I don't even have a twitter account but I found myself sad a couple of weeks ago after reading the tweets of a celeb an all the positive things she was doing, meanwhile... I could've been too.
So, now I'm on a ban from certain blogs and twitter all together.

I do think reading blogs and just browsing the 'net period can be a waste of valuable time but I've been learning to schedule time for when I can't do much of anything anyways like, after midnight :)

CR said...

@Nikki Aimee A schedule is a good idea!


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