Thursday, January 21, 2010

A FREE photoshoot, say what?!

Tasha Prescott of BeU Photography has started a project called 5252. What is this exactly and how does it involve you? I'll let her explain:

From her site:
"What is 5252? It's the beginning of a New Year and we enter into 2010 with a fresh start!

A fresh start to do something different is an excellent idea. So while a lot of photographers are having 365 day projects or 52week projects, I decided to use my 52wks to give back to grow professionally, but also give others an opportunity to experience what custom photography is.

The 5252 project for BEU is simple. Every Monday, we will select individuals to take advantage of a free session with Ms. T Prescott. This is going to work through online application. If not chosen for that week, do not fret, your application stays on file and may be chosen for another week.

Each week will focus on a different type of shoot. The Session will be posted by Sunday, and Monday will start all over again. The session fee is waived, hence 52wks, 52faces, 52sessions for free! (minimum $150 value)"
Learn more about the project and apply for you chance to be chosen for a free shoot here.

Updated to add a few more photos from the 5252 Project!  Head on over to apply for your spot asap!

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