Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Current Addiction} Bad Girls Cub

I know, I know, it's a guilty pleasure and I'm hanging my head in shame...while I squint and tilt my head to the side a bit to see if anyone else owns up to watching this show too.

o_O <-- Yes, I'm giving everyone who's not owning up to their guilty pleasure the side eye right now.

This show is a horrible depiction of women and all that real jazz, but if you watch it, it's kind of like a bad accident, you just can't help yourself. The point of the girls being in the house is to work on themselves and their attitude issues, etc. And there are definitely some who do this and grow from the situation and some who are obviously in it for the 15 minutes of fame that's attached to reality shows. Either way, it's pretty entertaining.


Bella said...

*clears throat, slowly raise my hand, looks at others in my addition group and stands up* Hello. My name is Bella and I'm a Bad Girls Club addict. Group responds: Hello Bella. (LOL) I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. Don't judge me. Ha. But I'm tuned in every Tuesday to see these ladies. Don't feel bad, you definitely have a partner in crime with you on this one.

CR said...

@ Bella, LOLOL "Hello Bella! Thank you and welcome to the Guilty Pleasure Bad Girls Club!

Nikki Aimee said...

Hello. I'm Nikki Aimee and I too am Bad Girls Club viewer.
I seriously don't want to be though! It's only when I flipping channels and pass by Oxygen and I see them fussing... I have to stop and see if they're about to throw down *Kanye shrug*.

CR said...

@Nikki Aimee ...CR stands up and waves...Welcome! lol


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