Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Pretty Powerful."

Call me lazy, but I'm so about copy, paste and link back. But the message is still the same. Quick and dirty. :-)

Bobbi Brown is ... hosting a video contest, where she asks contributors: “How do YOU go from feeling pretty – to pretty powerful?” Among the entries, fifteen finalists will be chosen and sent a personalized selection of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics to create their next Pretty Powerful video submission. In March, the gallery of videos will be open for public voting. For every vote cast in the Pretty Powerful contest, Bobbi Brown will donate $1 to Dress for Success, an organization that provides disadvantaged women with interview suits and career development advice. Three grand prize winners will be chosen and flown to New York City for a master class and brunch with Bobbi Brown.



Pretty cool.

Okay, I'm definitely still a blackberry kinda girl, but this IS pretty cool.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank you!!

To Ebonee Monique of Becoming His Mrs. for awarding me with my second award! I'm so honored!!

So to accept this award, I must: Pass the award to 10 other bloggers and leave them a message to let them know!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo of the Week

Or shall I say photoS of the week! How cool is this?! It would be cooler if it was all polaroids, but this will do. Hmm, maybe I should try this.

Jeff Zoet

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Thought for Thursday...

...Blogs, twitter, social networks, etc. they're all fine and dandy, but sometimes, I find myself reading someone else's thoughts or about what they did that day and I think, "Wow! That's amazing!" or "Wow! That sucks!" or, "Wow! I should try that!" or some variation of that statement (possibly without the "wow").

Essentially, sometimes I feel like I'm reading so much about others' lives, I'm not living my own. I mean, I am, but, reading all of these posts and stories can be an overwhelming flow of information whether truly informative, inspiring or purely interesting.

It's great to be inspired and informed, but should there be a limit as to how much we consume? Of course, this would have to be a self-inflicted restraint, but I wonder, does anyone else ever feel this way, reading blogs, etc?

Or is it something like wedding blog envy? --Yep, I think I just made up a knew psychological term. I should patent this and write a book or something. Ha!-- But seriously, wedding blog envy--like when you're planning your wedding, you know what you want and then you start surfing the net (yeah, I said "surfing the net") and you see this blog and that site and then you, instead, have to have this and that! I mean, HAVE to! Is it like that?

Do we compare our days to what others get done in a day? When someone posts on twitter, "Just got back from an amazing bike ride with @someonewhoealsowentonanamazingbikerideunlikeyourself!" Do you wonder what you were doing while they were on their bike ride and are now finished and found time to tweet this for the world to relish?

Yes, I believe that one should never compare thyself to another for each has his or her own journey in life that is wholly unique unto them, and, this may have been a weird thought for the day, but it ran through my mind, so I wondered what others felt about this. Are reading blogs, microblogs, etc. a waste of valuable time that we, too, could be doing the things about which we're reading?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Current Addiction} Bad Girls Cub

I know, I know, it's a guilty pleasure and I'm hanging my head in shame...while I squint and tilt my head to the side a bit to see if anyone else owns up to watching this show too.

o_O <-- Yes, I'm giving everyone who's not owning up to their guilty pleasure the side eye right now.

This show is a horrible depiction of women and all that real jazz, but if you watch it, it's kind of like a bad accident, you just can't help yourself. The point of the girls being in the house is to work on themselves and their attitude issues, etc. And there are definitely some who do this and grow from the situation and some who are obviously in it for the 15 minutes of fame that's attached to reality shows. Either way, it's pretty entertaining.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who knew there were so many choices?

And by so many, I mean at least four.

So, one day, long, long ago, I was watching tv and what did I see? A commercial for a contraption called the Slanket. And I thought this was the best idea ever, you know since I'm always wrapped in a blanket on the couch, yes with the heat on. Who doesn't like to cozy up watching your favorite show? So anyway, that was that. I knew I just had to have one.

Jumping to further in the future, I ran across an ad for a cheaper version of the Slanket called, the Snuggie. Then I thought, forget the Slanket, I HAVE to have the Snuggie!!

Fast forward to almost present day future, when I decided okay, now it's time to finally get a Snuggie. Mind you, it's probably been close to a year since I first saw the Slanket. Crazy, I know. I'm not sure what happened, I really just never got around to it. Well, there was this one time I was in the store and felt the Snuggie and decided it didn't feel soft enough to merit my $20 at the time, but now, now I'm ready! It's Snuggie time!

But before I make such an important purchase, hehe.. I had to do some research. I was determined to find a softer version of the Snuggie. An off-brand, no-name, generic version of the snuggie, if you will. From my research, what I found was this. Which then cracked me up one, because someone went through all of this trouble to compare these blankets (even though to find this, I obviously did actual research on a Snuggie, so thank you, research people.) and, two, I couldn't believe I had never heard of the Freedom Blanket or the Blankcoat!!

Anyway, if you've made it through this long, drawn out post, thank you. :) And I know you're all dying to know what I decided to purchase after much thought and research?

Ehh, I think I'm going to just stick to my good old regular blanket...for now. :-)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photo of the Week

Yep.  This is kinda lovely.

Luna Photo

A Friday Funny

I had a reminiscent moment the other day when I was thinking about the Richard Pryor movie, Moving. I used to watch that movie on repeat back in the day.

For some reason, I decided to try and find a clip of the scene of the young twins from the movie when they were running their school race as one person. One of them would start the race, then half way through, the other twin would spray water on himself and finish the race and come in first place.

Not sure why this scene crossed my mind--maybe because I was thinking about "going to the gym" and really just doing something else completely different and spraying myself with water on the way back in the house so I looked like I worked up a sweat, whew!!

However, on my mission, I instead found this hilarious clip:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A FREE photoshoot, say what?!

Tasha Prescott of BeU Photography has started a project called 5252. What is this exactly and how does it involve you? I'll let her explain:

From her site:
"What is 5252? It's the beginning of a New Year and we enter into 2010 with a fresh start!

A fresh start to do something different is an excellent idea. So while a lot of photographers are having 365 day projects or 52week projects, I decided to use my 52wks to give back to grow professionally, but also give others an opportunity to experience what custom photography is.

The 5252 project for BEU is simple. Every Monday, we will select individuals to take advantage of a free session with Ms. T Prescott. This is going to work through online application. If not chosen for that week, do not fret, your application stays on file and may be chosen for another week.

Each week will focus on a different type of shoot. The Session will be posted by Sunday, and Monday will start all over again. The session fee is waived, hence 52wks, 52faces, 52sessions for free! (minimum $150 value)"
Learn more about the project and apply for you chance to be chosen for a free shoot here.

Updated to add a few more photos from the 5252 Project!  Head on over to apply for your spot asap!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And that makes you an adult...

Oh, Amanda Bynes.  How I adore your humor and acting skills via What I Like About You, All That (old-school Nickelodeon), What a Girl Wants, etc.  However, this whole Maxim magazine covergirl is just not okay.

Why is this you might ask?  No, it's not the pose or choice of lingerie, it's the interview!  Yep, the interview.

When Maxim thanked you for posing in the Valentine's issue of the magazine, your response was:

"I'm honored! I had the best time on this shoot. I think every shot I did was sexy. Some people still see me as a kid, but I'm a 23-year-old woman now."
Yes, Amanda, do you understand why I'm disappointed?  Okay, in all fairness, I'm not really disappointed in you, but instead, this idea in our society that for a young actress/singer to be seen as an adult, she must pose in lingerie for a magazine and somehow this acts as their coming out party.  A debutante of sorts?  Seriously?!  What is that about?

And if it's not a professional magazine shoot, then it's an amateur, classic nude photo scandel a la:

Vanessa Hudgens

Adrienne Bailon

Ladies, let's do better.  If you want to be taken seriously as talent and as adult women once you age up, then please choose more mature roles and opportunies.  Simple as that.  If you choose your opportunities wisely, your audience will grow with you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo of the Week

Brought to you by the talented Amelia Lyon.

Honorable mention goes to:

From the same wedding because I love the mix of elegance and true expression captured here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hmm, the next big wedding trend?

Flip Book Booths

"Follow Through..."

"When you are given an opportunity to really shine, what do you do with that? Do you put your schedule or excuses aside to come through? We have all had those times when we couldn’t make something happen. ... [B]ut when your future knocks at your door for an amazing referral or a media opportunity: that’s it! You’ve been given a gift. What are you going to do with it?"
I was reading the entire above article over on Inspired By This and thought, how very true is all of this. And simple. And how sad/upsetting/frustrating it is that some vendors just can't seem to grasp this simple concept.

But then I thought, this article is perfect for not just wedding vendors, but any of us who are working, looking for work, starting a business, etc. and want to move ahead and grow. It's easy to get frustrated when your situation hasn't progessed, but it's quite possible the reason for that lack of progression is staring you in the mirror.

You have to ask yourself, "Am I really doing my best and all I can do to move ahead?" And if the answer to that question is something to the affect of, "Yes, kinda sorta...right after I check my Facebook," or "I try but this person does this and that person does that and my boss hates me (the blame game)," then realize it's time to re-evaluate.

Essentially, do your job consistently well, take advantage of presented opportunities while continuing to make your own opportunies and you will progress.

{Current Addiction} Giuliana and Bill...

...on Style!

Why? Because they're kind of hilarious! Does anyone else watch this?

I'll be honest, I completely avoided this show during its first season because I always thought there was something about Guilianna when she's on E! News that I didn't like. She just came off mean or cold in a way that made me want to avoid ever watching her on tv.

Boy was I wrong (or she's putting on a good show), because she's pretty hilarious. Okay, more like silly, but it makes for a good mindless time(which, admit it, you need that every once in awhile, right?). Well anyway, she and Bill together are pretty funny and seem like a fun couple as they constantly crack jokes on one another and refer to each other by their last names like they're best friends (as well they should be!!). She seems to love calling him "Rancic."

This season, the big storyline is they're working on having a baby. So, if you want to check them and their adventures and cast of characters out (her assistant, their families, etc.) check your local listings to find them on Style and E!.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pray. Give. Support.

Haiti. The eyes are watching.

Please do what you can to help in the recovery, rebuilding, sustaining...efforts of Haiti right now. Every little bit helps. (Also, please be sure to research before giving to any charity.)

If you're in the US text "Yele" to 501 501 and $5 will go toward earthquake relief in Haiti. International donations can be made through http://www.yele.org. --Wyclef's Organization

Donate through UNICEF

Donate through the American Red Cross

Make a $10 donation to the American Red Cross to help the people of Haiti text "HAITI" to 90999. A $10 charge will be applied to your phone bill.

Call 1-888-407-4747 for information about missing family and friends
Haitian artist and constant supporter, Wyclef Jean on CNN:

If you know any more information that can help, please leave it in the comments section.

{Style Inpsiration} I love the feeling of this look...

How could you not? Don't you sometimes just love the feeling a look emits? (Not sure where I found this photo), but this woman looks confident in who she is, with gorgeous hair, a warm, yet amazing scarf, plus, she's holding a camera. You just can't go wrong with any of that. Definitely style inspiration for your mojo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I need this.


An Indian Summer

Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo of the Week

2010's first Photo of the Week goes to:

My True Vision Photography


This photo just lives and breathes pure love and happiness. Just makes you want to smile.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gotta give the side eye on this one...

I have no words. :-\

Spotted: Stars Wearing Scrunchies!

Scrunchies might just be making a comeback! The iconic '80s hair accessories are so easy to use that we're not surprised to see stylish stars like Sienna Miller and Catherine Zeta-Jones sporting them. As for whether or not to pony up your trusty hair elastic, that's up to you.

By: Enid Portuguez

Source: InStyle

What's not to love?

I don't remember where I found this photo, but from whence you came from, dear photo, thank you (minus that deer on the wall).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tia and Tamera!!!!

Okay, I love, love, love the fabulousness that is Tia and Tamera Mowry! Don't ask me why, because I don't know. I've loved them since their Sister, Sister days ("Go home, Roger!!") and just haven't stopped.

Anyway, the twins will be starring in an acquired Lifetime moving called, Double Wedding this summer, I believe. Below is a photo of them shooting promos with Lifetime.

Also, according to Tamera's twitter page (a while back), they recently closed a deal with Style to do a series based on the launching of their production company. Yippee!!

Just hanging around

Such a cute idea for your dress (and those famous dress hanging photos). You know, if you want to get fancy with it. ;-)

Check out this Etsy Shop to customize your hanger.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A day late but...

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

I hope you all I had a great one.

In the afterspirit of the holidays and the new year, it's definitely the season to sell stuff. You know, those items that you see advertised on TV and you think to yourself, "Hmm, why didn't I think of that?" or "Who would buy that?" and the thing either becomes a big hit (like this) or you never see it again. Below are a few of 2010's contenders:

EZ Cracker

Shake Weight

Bottle Toppers


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