Thursday, October 1, 2009

The V-Spot: Dawn Easter Events

Looking for a wedding planner, anywhere (Quoting her blog profile, "Availability: Have passport, will travel!")? Then check out today's V-Spot feature with Dawn Easter of Dawn Easter Events. Get to know a little bit about her and what she loves to do below!


+Please briefly detail your business and what you do.

Dawn Easter Events is a boutique wedding design firm offering a unique planning experience. We keep up with the latest trends not only in the world of weddings, but also fashion, home furnishings, cuisine, technology and travel. We effortlessly weave these elements together, creating a bespoke experience for our clients.

+What and when was your "aha!" moment (if one) that you discovered planning was something you wanted to turn into a profession/career?

My “aha” moment was really a series of little events. How I discovered the event planning was my passion was I get lost in my work. I don’t mean that I get overwhelmed (though that does happen every now and then) what I mean is that I lose track of time. I get caught up in whatever it is that I’m doing; looking thru fabric swatches, putting together a color story or deciding which accessories best complete a tablescape. Event design and planning is my passion!

+How did you get your start in this industry?

My first professional taste of event planning was on the corporate side when I worked for an insurance brokerage. I was actually an assistant in the marketing department and there were always a constant stream of client dinners, parties recognizing team sales goals, employee appreciation days, etc. That position really helped to cut my teeth in the industry.

+What is the passion that drives you to do what you do? In other words, what is it that you wish to express to your clients and the world through your work?

Simply put, life is worth celebrating! Whether it’s done on a grand scale or a more intimate one, life’s special moments should be acknowledged and made a fuss over. It’s about infusing your party with a sense of who you are, your history, your style, your tastes.

+Have you had a moment where you wanted to quit? If so, what made you want to continue? If not, what would you say to encourage someone who has?

I’ve never wanted to quit but I understand there is an ebb and flow to everything. Like my father always says, “Eyes on the Prize”.

+What has been your most memorable (good, bad, funny, etc.) experience so far?

My most memorable experience, that no one prepares you for, was a wedding cancelled at the rehearsal. Talk about a firestorm!

+What is one thing you know now that you wish someone had told you before you started in this profession?

I wish someone had recommended I take a few business courses prior to hanging my shingle. There is more to this job than picking out pretty flowers, you are running a business first and foremost.

+Fill in the blank.

A year ago today you thought you'd be living in Atlanta full time instead of splitting my time between VA and Atlanta. A year from now you hope you'll be firmly in Atlanta while plotting on my new NYC office.


For more on Dawn Easter Events, please visit her website here or visit her blog here.

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