Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get ready....

Just dropping in to let you all know that we have a couple of new V-Spots coming your way! The first one up is coming tomorrow.

You can check out our very first V-Spot feature with Photography by Valerie here.

And now for a completely unrelated photo with this post because all posts are better with pictures. :-) Fancy shoes for you.

Jessica Claire


WeddingsandPrettyThings said...

I love these little peeptoes! They're either Valentino or Paris Hilton (her collection has a fabulous "remake" of the Valentino's.) I've been popping in here intermittenly (sp?) - love your blog! Take care.

chocolate rose said...

WeddingsandPrettyThings, Yes, these are super cute. Loving the bows. Thanks for the info! And thanks so much regarding the blog! ...Running to check out yours now. :-)


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