Friday, September 25, 2009

Emarie does good

Any Project Runway fans out there?! If so, let me say that I'm one week behind, but the week before (*SPOILER ALERT* if you're also behind) one of my favorite models from the show was booted off. Emarie Wiltz!

Is it just me, does anyone else feel they should make the designers switch models every now and again. I'm all for loyalty, but this loyalty stuff doesn't make for great tv, lol. Especially on their new sister show, Models of the Runway. Not that we need more craziness on tv, but switching models would really make for a fun competition. For those of you who don't watch the show, let me explain how this works:

Each week the designers get to choose their models. The winning designer chooses first and then everyone else is in random order. The last designer has to choose between the last two models and the model left standing next to Heidi gets her classic German send-off, "auf Wiedersehen."

Why this means anything to the models is that this is a competition for them as well as they have their own prizes and exposure to fight for. However, after the first couple of episodes, the designers usually stick with the same model out of loyalty. Blah, blah, blah...I'm all for loyalty, but as the reality tv-junkie that I am, I need a little suspense and drama. They need to shake things up a bit. Again, especially for the sake of Models of the Runway.

EDIT: I hope I'm not ruining this for anyone who hasn't seen it, yet, but let's say that I JUST caught up with this week's episode and happiness ensues. :-) And just to clarify, not necessarily because of the outcome, but just because it was more interesting.

But I digress...back to why I originally started this post. Since the show, taped last year, Emarie has been off to do good for the world. She started a clothing line to bring attention the issues around the world called, Global Recess.

The mission, "To spread global responsibility through fashion." Check it out and grab a few items if you can or just spread the word. I love when people take their popularity and use it for good. A portion of each sales' proceeds go to an organization that fight human trafficking, the military use of children, and poverty among other things. Check out a few of the designs below:

Have a great weeked, everyone! And be inspired to do something good. :-)

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