Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pie on a Stick? What?!

Love it! Who wouldn't be able to resist one of these? Perfect for a party favor or just a fun treat.

Edit: Mitchell to Oliver's question in the comment section prompted me to do a little research to find out just where these creative pie pops came from. After much blog jumping (Erin Ever After to Lake Jane to Bash Eco Events to Bakerella) I finally landed on the pie pops original home.... Luxirare!! Apparently, it's already a pretty popular post. Check out the how-tos here and here. Happy baking! :-)

Erin Ever After via Lake Jane


Mitchell to Oliver said...

Oh my god these look delish! What are they, where are they and I must try them. Do you know how to make them???


chocolate rose said...

Hi Mitchell to Oliver! Thanks for the blog love. And thanks to your question, I checked out the origin of these pops and made a quick edit above. Hope this helps. Good luck!

bridechic said...

Such culinary creativity. Thanks for posting these . . .


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