Thursday, October 29, 2009

My First Award!!

Yay #2!!

Time to party, everyone! Thanks to Miss Ebonee Monique over at Becoming His Mrs., Chocolate Rose has just received it's first award!

Thank you, kindly! I feel extremely honored. :-)

To accept this award, I must tell you 7 things about myself then pass it on to 7 other bloggers. Hmm, let's see...let the crazy begin. :-)

First the 7 bloggers (no, their not crazy):

The Givens Chronicles
Soul Pretty
Get it Girl Style
Audrey's Blog
Bride Chic
Love and Marriage (the blog)
On My Way to Fabulous 40

On to those 7 things...

Thing 1) My favorite past time (using this term loosely) is clearing out my DVR. It's a guilty addiction, what can I say? The high I get everytime I watch a show and then pick up the remote to see how much recording space is it just can't be matched!

Thing 2) Sometimes I want to burst out laughing in a crowded elevator when everyone's so stiff and trying not to talk...or blink...or breathe...speaking of...

Thing 3) I don't like people breathing on me...especially in an elevator.

Thing 4) I absolutely love wedding/lifestyle photography --maybe you already know that one. ;-)

Thing 5) I think Essence magazine has been showcasing some really beautiful magazine covers lately. --Yes, a completely random thought.

Thing 6) I learned what an "amuse-bouche" was by watching Top Chef. Please, don't judge me.

Thing 7) Whatever the topic of conversation, I can usually think of a song to go with it and will start singing it. However, surprisingly, I'm not really THAT into music. Weird.

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