Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beauty Smarts

For a while now, there's been a lot of research done on parabens (a preservative) and other seemingly cancer causing agents in our beauty products. Since then, there has been a big push for all things healthy and natural. This is important for all areas of our life as who knows what is going into our food and products today.

Um, regarding the food, has anyone read Skinny Bitch?! If not, it's definitely a great eye-opener about the foods we eat and what the FDA approves.

But i digress, focusing on what we eat effects our inward beauty and health, but let's not forget about the products we use for outward beauty (hair, make-up, skin care, etc.). I recently ran across a site called Best in Beauty...

...which has a ton of information on our beauty products, what's in them and what we should be looking to avoid when we go to purchase them. What we put on our body, may make us pretty on the outside, but may eventually make our health ugly on the inside.

Anywho, as we go about planning our weddings, gearing up for the sexiest of photoshoots or just plain ol' living our lives, it might not hurt to take a gander at this list first and do a little research.

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From Best in Beauty...

Best in Beauty has created a ... phrase to help you remember which chemicals to avoid when purchasing your much-needed personal care products. [The first letter in each word matches with the first letter of the related product listed below.]

Repeat after us:

“Pretty Products For Healthy People Minus Many Lousy Chemical Substances.”


Propylene Glycol





Mineral Oil



Sodium Laurel Sulfate

So if you've made it through all of this, the most important take away is to prepare for your beauty product shopping adventure before heading out to purchase. Learn what's in the products you use and which ones to avoid. It may take a little of your time now, but it's only to ensure that you have a lot more healthy time in the future. Happy hunting!

Chocolate Rose does not endorse the Best in Beauty site, simply sharing found information.

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