Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I know it's been a minute...

... more like 1 week to be exact. I apologize for the slow postings, but lately I'm starting to get, dare I say it, a little bored with posting mostly wedding-related things. Don't get me wrong, or anything, I LOVE weddings and photography associated with them, but sometimes I want to do more.

So, given that, anticipate seeing many other topics around here. What kind of topics specifically? I'll still post some of those irresistable wedding finds, but other than that, posts will include anything that comes to mind.

See that description to the left over there?


Expect more of that "anything else" category--I've been neglecting it.

It will be fun and I hope you all stay with me for the ride. However, if it's not your thing, I understand that too.

Thank you to all of my readers!!

I'm going to give this change a shot. Here we go.


Aarika said...

I look forward to the changes. It's good to try different things.

Jonezy said...

I feel ya! I wish my blog had a more neutral name... i may just have to start a totally new one :| lol. I looking forward to seeing your "anything else" posts :)

chocolate rose said...

LOL, I have to laugh at myself because after re-reading this post, it sounds so dramatic. Geesz, it's just a blog. SMH @myself lol.

@Aarika, thank you!!

@Jonezy, thank you as well!! I hear you on that. Of course, I love your blog now, but would defiinitely support your new venture if you decided to try it. :-)


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