Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well said.

"To trend or not to trend," --Self imposed pressure to out trend another wedding that we've come across on countless blogs (Chocolate Rose included as I can't help myself as I come across a fun detail) is real. If it wasn't, deciding on what details we want to incorporate into a wedding wouldn't be so time consuming and sometimes, unfortunately, stressful. Like I always, say, in the end do what makes you happy and represents your couple love. No matter what, it will be originally beautiful and perfect.

Check out this posting over at Grey Likes Weddings. When I read this posting, "well said," was all I could really say. She summed it up perfectly!


My Dream Ring said...

Very well said!

The Quiet Bride (Shh...) said...

I will head right over to read the article. I'm glad you posted this. I sometimes have felt out of the loop for deciding to leave out alot of the common (but personally unnecessary for me) touches of everyday weddings. When it comes down to it, I can't afford much but I still want a well thought out wedding! And I also want it to remain true to us as a couple. I'm glad there are people like you in the blogosphere who also support going a different route.

chocolate rose said...

My Dream Ring- Thanks!

The Quiet Bride- Thanks and I'm glad this posting and the original one was helpful to you. I definitely support and love out of the ordinary weddings (still along with traditional ones). They're just so much fun! Don't worry about anything, your wedding is going to be beautiful! Doesn't matter at all how much you can afford. A beautiful wedding is a personal wedding and I've seen some gorg weddings on a dime!


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