Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding Day Regret #1

Your wedding day will be absolutely beautiful no matter what. But sometimes people often wonder if they will regret choosing a yellow and black theme over pink and green or tulips over roses or even a white dress over diamond white (okay, I'll admit that one can be big. It wouldn't be any fun if you couldn't find THE dress! lol, but, ahem, I digress...).

In an effort to have no regrets like this guy... must have item within your budget is VIDEOGRAPHY. Videography is often that item that people feel they can live with or without and think, what's the point? We'll never watch it. But having a video of your wedding is bigger than just you watching your wedding. It's you watching your family and friends having fun and enjoying life, all in one place. When would there be another time in your life like this with family AND friends. Sure, it would be great to look back and watch your vows, but when you re-watch a wedding video, it's not you and your significant other you're paying attention to, but really your laughing at/with your guests. C'mon, you know there's going to be some funny stuff on that video. ;-)

But, videography just won't fit into your budget you say?

There's always low cost ways to make things work. Don't be shy, this is your wedding day! Speak up!

A couple of ideas:

1) Ask a family member or friend with a video camera if they wouldn't mind shooting your wedding as their gift to you or for a minimal fee.

2) Rent a camera and tripod from your local camera store (relatively inexpensive) stand it in the corner or have someone man it for you.

3) If you prefer professional, scout out a videographer whose work you admire and talk to them. Be honest about your budget and see if they can work out a deal. Who knows, if you ask, they may even help you create a payment plan to complete after your wedding day.

4) And there's always Craigslist. You can find almost anything there. There's always a videographer on board ready to help. You can post an ad looking for one or scour their site to see who's already posted.

5) Check out local schools to find a student who's looking to build their portfolio.

Whatever your decision, don't give up on this one. Videography is a must. But that's just my opinion. :-)

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