Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tips on Tipping...

So, your wedding day is here and everyone wants to be paid. WHAT?! Yes, vendors do expect to be paid, many with deadlines on the day-of the wedding, but hopefully no one is expecting a tip. That's the worst, when some expects a tip. A tip should be something you graciously offer has an extension of your gratitude for the great work (hopefully) this vendor has provided for you, but I digress.

Now, how much should you tip and to whom?

Tipping can be tricky because you don't want to over tip (all of these tips add up--remember to include these in your budget), but you don't want to under tip and feel like you've insulted the vendor.

Check out some general tips on tipping here.

Overall, don't go overboard and do what you can. The vendor will, more than likely, be thankful either way. And remember, if tips just don't fit into your budget on the day-of, then you can always send them later with a hand written thank you note. ;-)

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