Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Postcards from Yo Momma

I first referenced this site here back on Mother's Day. It's such a funny site, when you sit and REALLY think about the conversations you have with your mother (really, parents or any other parental figure in your life). We love them all so very much, but sometimes they just make you giggle.

Check out these wedding related, motherly tidbits, I ran across....

Mothzilla’s Revenge
It’s really sad when the bridesmaids nix a dress that the bride kinda likes…. or say “it makes you look fat” things…. or the mother says “absolutely not - I hate it”. (I’m not going to be that kind of mother of the bride… (mothzilla!!!) unless she picks a pole dancing wedding gown then I’ll say it.


you know, QUESTIONS
Backstory: Two nights before my wedding mom thinks we need to have “the talk”.

I just want to let you know that if you have any, you know, QUESTIONS, you can ask me anything. Your father isn’t the best lover in the world, so I also know a lot about toys. Let’s get dinner tonight.


Mom: I forgot to ask you what you thought of [your sister's] engagement photo shoot
Me: they’re. . . artsy
Me: are we going to have to stand next to oil drums and things like that?
Mom: that’s what Daddy wondered
we’re going to line up in front of garbage cans?
he said, “Won’t there be any NORMAL wedding pictures?
Me: but that’s the STYLE now
Mom: I know. [Your sister] spent HOURS finding the right photographer
Mom: I just hope there’s not a bunch of pictures of things like our FEET
Mom: I insist on the photo of Daddy with his pockets turned inside out
and the one where the groomsmen are dragging the groom into the church

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Tia H. said...

Hilarious!!! Loving the "World's Best Mom" pic...LOL


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