Friday, May 8, 2009

With this ring, I thee wed...

It's recently been reported by that Jennifer Hudson has bought an engagement ring and proposed to her fiance, David "Punk" Otunga, 5 months into their already engagement. He presented her with a ring when he first proposed.

This is the first instance, I've heard of this with a celebrity (please, share if you know of others), but I've heard from many fiancees that they either have or would present their male counterpounts with an engagement ring or even another type of jewelry (not actually propose, but present them with an engagement ring or specific engagement jewelry piece later).

Please share your thoughts. I'm curious what others think about this...If female, would you present your fiance with an engagement ring? Do you think this will now become a trend?

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The Quiet Bride (Shh...) said...

I am compelled to do this for my FH, but he doesn't think I should because it's not traditional. But these days, whose really cookie-cutter traditional? I will buy his wedding band but I may propose to him in return. I'm all about equality and I think it would be beautiful to do the same for him as he's done for me. We're still a year away from the wedding...maybe I will, maybe I won't.


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