Thursday, May 7, 2009

Foot Fetish...

I'm addicted to wedding photography because the details are so beautiful. Well, photography, in general is beautiful. But there's just something about those impending engagement shoots. Not everyone does them, but when they do photograhpers seem to have a thing about grabbing those special moments between two love birds...and their feet!

This first picture is courtesy of Ebonee Monique from Becoming His Mrs. I ran across this picture from her engagement shoot and just had to showcase it! Too cute!

Jennifer Skog Photography

Kellie Kano Photography

Boutwell Studio (from a wedding shoot)


Ebonee Monique said...

Loves it! Thanks for the feature. My feet are giving you an air hug! :)

chocolate rose said...

LOL! Anytime!

sony said...

I LOVE the first pic! Those feet belong to my E-Bff's!


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