Thursday, November 5, 2009

Words of inspiration from Jasmine Star

If you follow, photographer, Jasmine Star on her blog/twitter, then you know that not only is she a fantabulous photographer, but also pretty darn hilarious while spreading bits-o-inspiration at the same time, if I do say so myself. Laugh and be inspired.

Quotes from Jasmine:

"If I could just FOCUS, I'd probably rock my face off. Or cure a disease. It's just that sparkley things, soft noises, & ideas get in the way."
-I hear you.

"Today I plan to make yesterday jealous. And tomorrow I'll make today jealous."
-I agree.

And, of course, I wouldn't leave you hanging without a bit-o-JStar image inspiration:

(Hehe, have I filled my "bit-o-" quota today? :-)

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