Wednesday, November 5, 2008

THE Dress...

Okay, so the man of your dreams has gotten down on one knee and has asked you to be his wife, his other half, his best friend, his shnookie, his teammate, his partner, his homey, get the picture.

Now what do you? Well, if you're like most new brides-to-be, you'll flip through a couple dozen wedding magazines to find to find THE dress--that dress that makes your eyes water at the very sight of it.

CR Disclaimer: Now, the dress isn't necessary to be married, but it's definitely an added benefit if it's something you're into. :-)

What won't be in most of those magazines are these beautiful dresses from Nordstrom and J.Crew. Department stores are starting to include gorgeous, AFFORDABLE wedding lines in their online stores. Below are a few great styles from Nordstrom and J. Crew, all around $500 or below! Great for bringing a tear to your eye without making a tear in your wallet.

J. Crew

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